Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

When developing your profile on Worlds Together Travel Network, think about how much personal information you wish to share with the public. You may change your profile at any time and so may adjust your visability to fit your comfort.

Your posts may include personal information so think carefully when making posts and comments. Once posted, this private information becomes public.

Please also protect the privacy of others in your posts and reveal only information that others have chosen to make public.

Your email address and any contact information that you share with Worlds Together Travel Network will not be shared with anyone else without your permission. We will only send you emails that you have agreed to and you may unsubscribe to any or all mailings at any time.

Purchases and Return Policies

Worlds Together Travel Network provides opportunities to purchase quality products that we, or others in the Network have found helpful. These are all sold through other companies, so be sure to read their terms and conditions when making a purchase. Any returns that you may wish to make will be subject to the policies of the specific company from whom you made the purchase. As always, let the buyer beware.

Posting Courtesy

When making comments, please remember that you have the power of great good or great harm. Please be the best cultural ambassador you can be. When in doubt, look to Miss Mary!


Traveling to Recommended Destinations

To travel to any of the places listed, you contact the folks yourself and make your own arrangements. The person who posted the information has enjoyed their stay and been well served by the folks at each of the guesthouses listed and guides recommended.  They know they were well taken care of so we highlight them on our website to help them advertise their business on the internet, but each of the hosts run their own businesses.

Upon your return, please share your experience, honestly and respectfully. This will help us all in our travel choices and we thank you.


If you have problems in any of these areas, please contact us.

Travel magic is not getting what you like, but liking what you get.


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