Wide angle view of bay surrounded by lush vegetation.

Jamaican Cooking

Owen cooks the most wonderful meals, so last visit we asked if we could watch him cook and glean some hints from him. He most gratiously granted our request. This was one of the best cooking lesson vacations!

Metal pot with fish steak frying insideHand squeezing white substance to get milk into metal pot
Frying fish and coconut juice to cook the rice.

The dinner he prepared was fried fish with fish sauce, rice and peas, vegetables, fried plantain and roast irish potato. Owen cooks on coal stoves which require that you plan your heat when you plan your meal.


Jamaican man tasting from the palm of his handMulticolored vegetables cut and cooking in metal pot with hand stirring with a wooden spoon
Tasting fish sauce, Ya Mon

European man and Jamaican man dishing up 12 plates of foodPlate of fried fish, mixed vegetables, roast irish potatoe, rice and peas, salad and fried plantain
Free-I helped dish up for twelve. The end result was this wonderful meal.

We should have taken photos of our full bellies and satisfied faces!


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Jamaican cook holding up palm sized green vegetable
Owen with cho-cho


Large metal pan containing carrots, pepper, beans

Jamaican man scooping from colorfully painted 55 gallon drum
Getting rice

Two women travelers watching their cooking lesson vacations
Cheryl and Alice look on

Plaintain slices frying in a metal pan on a coal stove
Fried plantain for garnish

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