Jamaican Community,
Long Road

One of the most truly Jamaican travel adventures is to explore the Long Road community where Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins are located.

Long Road is a small rural community full of interesting shops, schools, bars, and most of all the local people. To gain this unique experience all you need to do is walk out the the gate of Zion Country.

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Turn right and on your left you will find Stitchy at his tuc shop. There you can "reason" with lively conversation and insight into the community.

Just a little further make a stop at Jennifer's store where you can chat with Jennifer by day or often play dominos or Bingo by night.

Move on and you can grab an ice cold Red Stripe from May & Brian’s shop on the corner. I am sorry to say, we lost May this past winter, but Brian will serve you in his quiet, gentle manner.

Jamaican shopowner with little boyJamaican shopowner
May and her grandson, Zonny and Brian at the corner store

Maybe it will be time for school kids to go home. It is here that you can pick up a taxi north to Port Antonio or south to Morant Bay and Kingston.

It was here that Portia Simpson's motorcade stopped during the election of the first woman elected as President of one of the parties, the PNP. This is a very big deal.

As you continue down Long Road you will come to Paula and Keith's Blue tuc shop. Stop for lunch (served in the back) then pop in to watch local soap operas (what a gas!) with the local workers on their lunch break. Or come back in the evening for a drink with the excellant service and company of Miss Paula.

To your right you will find Sophia's cook shop and bar. Check out her excellent cooking by ordering one of her daily specials. Some possibilities are jerk chicken or pork, conch soup and many others.

Stroll further and pick up the daily paper from the big store in the center of town.

Further down Long Road is the Basic School, serving the 4 and 5 year olds of the community. They are friendly toward visitors could always use donations of basic supplies.

Detailed activity list for each half hour's timeTraveler showing something to small Jamaican children in uniforms
School timetable/Alice at school

Just before the school is a beauty shop, or you can get your hair braided by someone in the community (ask Tomar or Owen at Zion and they will steer you right).

Keep walking down Long Road turn left at the first road and you will skirt the coast and "Bockroad".

If you walk across the abandon lot and look over, you may see a hidden cove.

Looking down into bay with high cliffs all around it

The houses are surprising, much construction with a twist and character that is all Jamaica.

Elegant white house surrounded by chest high stone fence with flowering bushes cascading over it. Steel rods sticking up from dug foundation of house
Backstreet garden and construction

And at the end of the road turn left and you will find the blowholes! After exploring them you continue around the curve back onto Zion Country's road. Look to your right and you may see Brother Son.

Several houses before coming to Zion Country on the right you will see Henry's Guesthouse (everyone calls it Mrs. Lange's) where there are rooms available and they make a traditional bread called Bammy.

And you are home again to beautiful Zion Country Eco Beach Cabins. Nice neighborhood!

Dramatic crashing waves spouting up through volcanic rock holes as sea meets rugged cliffTwo Jamaican young women with arms around each other, Jamaican young man stand close
Blowholes near Zion Country / Big Kids


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Four female travelers walking with Rasta on their travel adventure.
Walking in the community

Jamaican woman cutting roots
Mrs. Lange making Bammy


Many Jamaican schoolchildren in uniforms and backpacks getting into bus
Boarding the bus, called "Jon Wayne"

Six Jamaican boys posing in front of canary yellow hummer
Boys in front of Portia Simpson's motorcade

Two young Jamaican girls with arms around each other, one riding a bike
Little Girls

Jamaican woman with rocks in one hand and money in the other, playing bingo.
Jennifer playing Bingo, money in one hand and bingo stones in the other


Hand made sign advertising animal feet for sale.
What's for Dinner?

Store with goods behind chicken wire fence
The Big Store

Cement, neatly painted building
Long Road Basic School

Traveler getting her hair braided
Hair braiding

Colorful and well designed fruit display on open air stand made from bamboo and zinc
Fruit stand

Six boys looking over bamboo fence
Boys visiting Zion

Jamaican man looking over concrete wall
Brother Sun

Hand painted sign that says, No Refund, No Self Serve, Bunn Chi Chimu, Keep Weh, No vendor, No exchange.
Sign on Backstreet

Where to Stay

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To play Jamaican dominoes you need a double six set. Double six starts first game, then the winner of the previous game starts. Play two sides, count how many of each number are left and try to block your opponents play. Remember to slam the dominoe hard on the table when playing!