Drive Through Fast Food

A true taste of fast food, Jamaican style can be had at Scotts' Woods. This little fishing community has developed a food plaza where fresh fish and bammy are cooked, then sold to motorists through the window of the car. Locals pull up, pick their prepared fish, have it wrapped for transport, then speed away.

You can get out of your car (if the vendors who swamped the car will move back a likkle) tour the kitchens and meet the cooks. Hang out for a while and you may hear (or participate in) a spontaneous gospel sing.

If you wish to enjoy your fish right there on the beach, a table can be set for you. Enjoy!

Scott's Cove is located in on the border of Westmoreland and St. Elizabeth Parish.

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Scott's Woods fish vendors

Fresh from sea to pot!

Leroy selling bammy

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