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Reach Falls
Jamaicn Community

In the Jamaican jungle near Reach Falls the road is dotted with Jamaican Artists and delights.

Soon after you leave the Falls, you will come across Bredda Lion's Roots Tonic stand. Here you can experience a drink that will make you fit, all natural roots. "It build you. It clean you." This is the original jungle juice recipe! Bredda Lion also may sing for you. Bredda Lion runs Reach Falls River Camp where you can safely camp or rent a cabin on the river.

Colorful shop made in an octogonal shape as seen from outsideInside shop with Christmas lights as decoration, shelves with goods on display
Tuc Shop near Bredda Lion's Reach Falls River Camp


All around Jamaica you can find "Tuc Shops". This means little shop, whose inventory ebbs and flows with the economy. If you see well stocked shelves, you know times are good. If the shelves are bare, "Time Tough".

We have heard rumors that tourist in the all inclusives are instructed not to go to tuc shops. Maybe this reflects the location of the shops, near the all inclusives where the most professional higglers reside. We feel that these little shops are a great way to shop Jamaican, meet people and contribute directly to the local economy. Plus all that walking is hot stuff. Time for refreshment.

Further down the road you will find a whole family of Jamaican artists. Here lies the main carving area for Jah Priest and his family. Jah Priest told us he is like Rumplestillskin. But he turns calabash into gold. He need to do this because he is a slave to his belly.

Jamaican carver working on large bowl on a standJamaican in tie dye working on wooden bowl on a stand.
Jah Priest's Son, Astin Vaz, Carving, One day later

Scene with lush foliage, overlooking mountain with stormy skiesSmall bird with green back, white breast and bright red beak
Banana walk view/Jamaican Tody

Just south of the turnoff, from Highway A-4 toward Reach Falls you will find Dungu's Welcome to Reach Falls Rest. Now rest can mean many things. It can be a place to rest and have a drink of your choice of Jungle Juice. It can be a place to go to the restroom or it can be a restaurant. Dungu will explain this to you when you go.


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Shirtless Rasta holding bottle of roots tonic, original jungle juice recipe
Jamaican artist, Bredda Lion sells Root's Tonic, slippers (flip-flops) coal, farms and sings his original songs.

Rasta with a beautiful smile
Jamaican Artist, Renny will show you the falls and his original blowtoy creation.

Colorful shop with sign, Enjoying original jungle juice recipe
Bigga's Tuc Shop


Yellow bearded Rasta with hair in a tam, smiling
Jah Priest has trod on to the ancestors

Many carvings of rasta heads, fish, suns displayed on wooden wall.
Buy direct from Jah Priest's Family


Jamaican man carrying long stalks of sugarcane on his bandana covered head
Sugarcane Carrier by day, DJ by night

Jamaican man standing by sign that says,
Dungu's Rest.

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