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Reach Falls Jamaica

Visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Jamaica. Reach Falls can be found in Portland Parish.  Just South of Manchioneal, three miles inland off the A4, the Drivers River plunges 30’ into a wide aqua pool.

Watch Reach Falls YouTube video

Note: Since January 2007 Reach Falls is now under the management of the Urban Developement Corp. There are now strict guidelines (and fees) to enter the waterfalls, however the walk up with Renny is still available.

Nearby is a banana path where you can enter the river and walk up the river to the waterfalls. Consider contacting Renny for guide services. Ask for him at the crossroads by Bigga's Tuc Shop on the road to the falls or a Jah Priest's stall. Plan to pay $300JD (about $5US) each for Renny's service and he will take care of you.


Young man and woman with backs to the cameral looking at the falls. Young man sitting on rock in front of falls.
A walk up the Drivers River to Reach Falls.

Adventure your way up the slippery cascades, wading the shallows and swimming thru the deeper turquoise pools.  The water is crystal clear and refreshing, the scenery of hanging vines, stands of bamboo and cascading falls is quite spectacular.  The pool below the main waterfalls has been used as a backdrop in the Tom Cruise movie, "Cocktail".

Four young travelers walking waist deep in the river. Man in bathingsuit standing tall on rock with greenery surrounding.
Sarah, Bryan, Evan and Carly watched by Jim
standing tall. Read Jim's commentary.

White man and black rasta in front of falls with clenched hands up. Head first dive in front of falls
Dave & Renny in front of waterfalls, Evan's dive. If you get this close to the falls now, you have to pay the entrance fee of about $10US, also NO DIVING!

Two rastas talking, one sitting on a log.
Mokko and Renny

The travel adventure really begins when you stay near the waterfalls at Reach Falls River Camp with Bredda Lion and all the Jamaican artists that live in this community.

Read Marc and Line's Trip Report about Reach Falls.


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Purple mountains with palm trees in forground on both sides with a curved path in the middle
On the way to Reach Falls

Two rastas posing in front of waterfalls
Renny and Mokko
Read about Renny in the book "Rasta Heart"


Vines hanging in front of river scene
Hanging vines

Arched shape rock with the falls coming over, reflected in the pool in the foreground
The Waterfalls

Jamaican man preparing pineapple with spiral pattern
Moshi, Mokko's Son

Five white travelers sitting in cascades on their travel adventure
Patrick, Sarah, Keith, Ben and Andrew

River flowing amounst moss cover rocks.
Pools above Waterfalls

Figure of an eagle with outstretched wings in a rock.
Eagle carving in rock


Stairs with moss covered railing on one side, moss covered sheer slope on the other.
Stairway at Waterfalls

Sun dapples rocks and turquoise pool.
Turquoise Pools

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