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Reach Falls Update

March 2007 - Reach Falls Reopens

The winter season of 2006-7 saw the official reopening of Reach Falls to commercial tourism. Our beloved walk thru the banana plantation to the river and then upstream to the falls is no longer sanctioned. The Urban Development Corporation now runs the show and they have stipulated some rules. You are no longer permitted to climb on the rocks, jump from the falls, venture down stream, or venture upstream. You are allowed to swim in a pool above the falls that they have built a stairs to and the pool below the falls, now sporting a string of buoys across the pool delineating shallow and deep water. All this for an entry fee of $10 US each.

The organization has brought in 25 employees to see to the care of the operation, utilizing none of the local guides or any one else who for so long tended to the upkeep of the place and depended on it for additional income. Our guide Renny is now working on the upkeep of the roadside (cleaning the ditches) and hopefully he will continue to be employed after the mass cleanup of the Island for the Cricket World Cup subsides.

You can still enjoy your walk up the cascades. The 25 employees are all scheduled every day thru out the opening hours so to give them any time off the whole place shuts down on Monday and Tuesday. This is your opportunity; employ Renny and head down the banana walk, up the cascades and actually back down the cascades, up the banana walk and out to the road. Reach is still staffed by security guards so you are not able to swim in the pool or to leave via the stairway to the road.

Many of the guest house owners in the area are aghast at the changes in the facilities and prices, the local wood carvers are very concerned as now the main clientele are large tour busses that zoom past without even a chance of stopping. Is Reach destined to be the next Dunnes River Falls?


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Side view of falls with a rope and bouys in the pool in front of the falls
A rope with floats divides this natural wonder into shallow and deep ends!

The plea goes out from the community-Government, One Love.

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