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Port Antonio Jamaica

Port Antonio has a rich historical past in the founding of Jamaican tourism. Today, "Porti" is a large bustling city full of the sights and sounds that exemplify the Jamaican experience.

You can find Port Antonio Craft Market, supermarkets (with price tags on the goods) banks, ATM'S, FX trader money changers, post offices, phone fax and internet centers, traffic, bars, discos, and reasonable restaurants.

Rasta shows traveler his carved calabashFruits and vegetables on a homemade wooden table
Port Antonio market

In season, you may experience the some hard sell methods of hawkers and panhandlers but much, much gentler then experiences encountered on the north and west sides of the island. Eventually you can learn to ignore these distractions.

Across town near the Port Antonio High School, Ram Scram has an eatery that he is fixing up for the season. Here he will serve you good food and philosophy. You can read about Ram Scram in the book Rasta Heart.

Rasta with colorful matching shirt and dread hair cover speaking in earnest with fists together in front of him
Ras Ram Scram

Port Antonio is a real gem in your Caribbean vacation.

Stay at Ivanhoe's Guesthouse on the historic Titchfield Peninsula.


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Three story pink colonial style buildings with sea in background
Port Antonio overlook

Handmade wooden pushcart, loaded with sellable items being pushed by a Jamaican man, authentic caribbean vacations
Vendor and cart


View of hill with buildings closely tucked along the water, less thick as they meander up the hill
City scene of Port Antonio from across East Harbor

Red and white striped lighthouse sticking above foilage
Lighthouse on Folly's Point.

Columns and stone building in ruins
The Folly

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