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Port Antonio Craft Market

A vibrant market occupies the center of the city, crafts for tourists are mixed in with the vegetable and household goods stalls. If you go all the way to the back if entered from the main square, you will find Port Antonio Craft Market.

Here you will find all hand crafted beautys, carvings, jewelry and embroidery.

Jamaican women in glasses and kerchief on her headOpen book with many designs for embroidery, exotic butterfly designs
Linette and her hand designed embroidery including exotic butterfly designs

Jamaican man looking proud, standing in front of shelves full of carvingsJamaican man with bald head standing in front of jewelry display
Alban, carver and Alvin, jewelry maker

Jamaican woman with baseball cap on
Carol Williams, crafter

Two Jamaican women venders with arms around each other Jamaican woman standing among tables and walls of goods
At the Port Antonio Craft Market


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Colorful arched entrance with goods on all sides
Market Entrance of Port Antonio Craft Market

Smiling Jamaican carving showing a hanging face with hair made from the roots of the tree
Rockbottom, first stall in the Port Antonio Craft Market


Two carved heads sitting on workbench
Rockbottom's carvings in progress

Jamaican woman in straw hat with arm extended in welcome standing amongst clothes hanging

Jamaican woman smiling in a white hat

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