Acommpong, Jamaica

In 1977, we were privileged to travel to the yearly festival in Acommpong, Jamaica. This festival, on January 6th each year, celebrates the independance of the people of Cockpit Country and the People's Law. This year we returned and spoke with Mark Wright, the local historian and tour guide in the area. We brought photos from the 1977 festival and shared them with the local folks. They delightedly recognized many of the people in the pictures. We delighted in the tour of the area, given by Mark, and here it is for you!

To get to Accompong by route taxi, go to Santa Cruz and ask. It cost about $200JD (US $3.00) to get there. Charter taxi can be set up for $5,000-6,000 JD and Mark can arrange that for you from Montego Bay if you wish. A room will cost between US $25-50.

You can hike up Manchester Mountain, about a 2 1/2-3 hour hike, cook, then return. There is a historical museum in the town. See more about Accompong history and festival accommadations.

To contact Mark Wright you can call:
(876) 286-5092 or (876) 398-7688

or write:

Mark Wright
Accompong State
Bethsalem PA
St. Elizabeth, Jamaica, WI

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