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What to Bring for Others
Travel Planning Jamaica

When you travel to Jamaica you can do some humanitarian recyclIng from your first world community to the third world community to which you are traveling.

Clothing appropriate to the climate in all sizes can be gathered from friends and family.  Household items like sheets, pillowcases, pillows, pots and dishes, tarps, tools, flashlights, balls, sports equipment, books, baby items and toys, shoe laces may be items to consider donating. Surprisingly, they would like sweatshirts and sweaters because it gets cool.

Roots Rasta

Specific requests from Mokko include: Pillows for the cabins, light blankets (yes, sometimes it gets cold at night), fitted sheets, an electric saw or hand saw and some hack saw blades, mirrors for the cabins, a coffee grinder. Stuff for the walls in his cabins would be nice also.

Marc and Line just returned and reported these needs, energy efficient lightbulbs (likes the straight ones best) and a bottle opener, World Atlas, Bible, bed spread (not for the cabins but for Dorette), PJ's for the twins (man its cool there at night), black sox for the girls, a pair of boots like mokko for Juna who is in Kingston (size 10). 

Dorette would really like underwear, size 7, batteries (size C), hand towels, dish towels, dish clothes and a black backpack. Bathing towels are good, blankets and bedspreads. She would like some flip-flops, size 10, especially in Jamaica colors.

Shanna and Shanelle could use leather thong shoes (I used to know them as flip-flops) and nighties (girls size 12 or 14). They also need jeans and shorts.

The men need underwear size 34, briefs and boxers (lots and lots). All the men wear size 10 1/2 shoes, except Juna who needs size 10 sneekers.

Dorette has a niece and nephew in Bath that she would like to contribute to. There is a 4 year old boy who needs size 4 shoes to go to school, and shorts. There is also a 15 year old girl who needs skirts, capri or long jean shorts (large girls). The kids need spiral notebooks and pencils for school.

Wish List for Thorton Primary School in Sunning Hill


Zion Country

Tamar would like church clothes for her Grandmother, size 14 and church hats. Actually, there are probably many women in the community that would appreciate a new church dress and hat. Tamar has a baby girl born in June 2007.

Blue Mountains

It is cold in the mountains, so warm stuff is useful. Things like blankets, sleeping bags, and cold weather clothes in all sizes will be distributed by Alex or Miss D and will be appreciated by someone.


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Buy what you don't bring at the Fi We Sinting Festival

Storefront at the entry to Zion Country
You can get anything you want, Zion Country Community.


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Roxanne, Community of Zion Country

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Street vendor, Port Antonio

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