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Travel Tips Jamaica

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Jamaica, West Indies

Calling Jamaica from the US:

Get an international calling card for calling Jamaica.
International Calling Cards from 0.5¢ per Minute. These calling cards will not work while in Jamaica.

For calling Jamaica from the US, Canada or Caribean you need to dial 1-876-the seven digit number.

To the Airport:

We like the Park, Sleep and Fly Hotels at our US airport. You park for free for 7 days and the cost of that, breakfast and shuttle to the airport equals the cost of the room.


We leave our winter coats in the car for when we get back because we need them where we live. Dress in layers so you can strip down when you get to Jamaica. I know some of you are laughing.


A passport is mandatory to travel to Jamaica. The law changed on January 23, 2007. Passports are good for 10 years. They are cheaper to renew through the mail. Instructions are available online.


I suggest a good Security Money Belt for coming into country when you have the most cash.

Tips for Responsible Travel are good reminders from our friends at responsibletravel.com

Good Journeys!


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