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Bargaining In Jamaica
A Story

Alice and Taban traveled to the Blue Mountains and Alice says she learned some very interesting bargaining tips along the way.

Taban is from Jamaica, and says he never pays full price. He says if you don't bargain, you hurt the person who comes behind you as it will be expected that they will pay a high price also.

On the way to the Blue Mountains, they stopped to buy some oranges. They bought 6 oranges for $60 JD and the shopkeeper bagged up 6 oranges and gave them to Taban.

At this point Taban said something Alice would never have thought of saying. He said, "I bought 6 oranges and you gave me six?" To which the shopkeeper responded, "OK, eight" and handed over 2 more oranges!

If you would like to contact Taban for guide services, you can call him at (876) 849-0175. He can guide you around the island safely and with courtesy and skill. Buy a phone card that has cellular access to save on this call.

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