Mokko Saves My Life

by Dianne Birney

Mokko saved my life the first time he was our guide.  My family says I am too dramatic, but I know I was not getting out of that pool by myself.

We were walking up the Drivers River to Reach Falls, all the way up the river!  This walk has to rival as one of the most beautiful places on earth with the lush green of the vegetation and the multicolor of the river, ever moving, ever changing.  The air is hot and the water is cool and refreshing. You can smell the jungle grow.
My kids and friends, all young adults, scrambled up and down the river as Dave and I lumbered our way forward.  Mokko showed us the path and tried to keep his eye out for everyone in his quiet, observant way.  At one point, my daughters, Caroline, Sarah and I got off track and found ourselves in a deep pool surrounded by rocks with a 4-6 foot waterfall at its source.  It was beautiful and we swam for a bit.  Then we looked for an exit and tried to climb up a rock, only to slip back into the pool.  We went from rock to rock each as slippery as the first.  I began to feel some panic rising. 

Then Mokko called from the waterfall and said, "come this way."  Sarah climbed up the falls, young and strong. Caroline climbed up the waterfall with some struggle, (knee injury) but she did it.  I swam to the waterfall and tried to place my feet on the rocks that acted as steps up the falls.  I struggled to resist the falls as they plummeted against my body.  Then I was pushed down into the deep pool created by the falls.  I tried again to the encouragement of my daughters with the same results.  I was tired and scared and I wasn't sure how I was going to get up the falls.

Then Mokko said, "give my your hand".  I reached up, he reached down and pulled me up the waterfall.  Thanks and Praises for those years of Mokko hefting cement around.

All this time Dave had been oblivious to my plight, taking pictures or looking at rocks.  When I told him my story he said, "you would have climbed out."  But I know that Mokko saved my life that day.  I owe him my life, I give him this website. I want to thank Mokko for saving my life.


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Rasta poses with white woman.
Mokko and Me

Rasta posing with white woman.
Mokko and Dianne

Large falls with tourquoise pool at the base
Beautiful Reach Falls


Heart shaped moss covered rock
Cool Rapids of the Driver River

Photo of river and rapids
Rapids and pools

Reach Falls river scene with moss covered rocks
Watch out for moss covered rocks

View of the river with rock cliff to the side, vine hanging down
Hanging vines

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