Mokko's Prices

Staying at Mokko's guesthouse is a lot like camping, though with a bed and a cook, flush toitet and cold shower.  It is without a doubt the "real Jamaica" with all its many facets. You move freely throughout the community under his protection.

Cabins at Riverside Cool Cottages are clean and dry. Each cabin has its own lock. Dinners are prepared from freshly gathered natural food and cooked over a natural wood fire.

You are nestled safe in your bed, but you can hear the night symphony of noises, tree frogs, roosters and crickets.

Mokko's guide service is safe, knowledgeable, affordable and available to his guests at Riverside Cool Cottages. Guides in Jamaica get into tourist areas for free. 


Prices for staying at Riverside Cool Cottages are: Currency converter

  • Cabin with double bed-US $25.00
  • Camping, your equipment - US $12.00
  • Jamaican Breakfast - US $5.00
  • Fish Dinner-US $6.50
  • Chicken or Vegetable Dinner - US $5.00
  • Lobster Dinner - Market Price
  • Fresh Squeezed Juice in season US $1.00/glass
  • Blue Mountain coffee US $1.00
  • Tea bag US $.50 (bush tea also available)
  • Guide services US $20/day plus expenses (food & drink, transportation, etc.) - for yourselves and Mokko
  • Taxi to or from Kingston airport- US $65 each way (some variation depending on gas prices)
  • Taxi to or from Montego Bay-ask for current price.
  • Also note, in preparation for a guest the grass is trimmed by hand with a machete and trash is cleaned up through the neighborhood paths.
  • Doret will do your laundry for between US $6-12 depending on the size of the load. She washes it by hand in the river. Please pay in advance.
  • Doret also does all the cleaning and dishes. A contribution for her efforts, directly to her is very much appreciated.

Jamaican woman drying clothes on rocks next to riverWhite man and woman sitting on bamboo bench, engaged in discussion
Drying in the hot sun / Doing business

Room rate for the entire length of your stay is payable the day of your arrival.
The $20 guide fee is due on the day of the service.
Meals may be paid before you leave. (Please keep track of your meals each day)

Your bill is payable in cash only and cannot be adjusted for gifts, services or anything you might consider as exchange offered during your stay.

Prices subject to change. Call for current quotes.

Call: (Please no texts as they can not be received)
Ras Soloman Jackson (Mokko)
Phone # 1(876) 849-1543 (cell)

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Colorful guesthouses give protection, painted in rasta colors, red, green and gold

"Our experience with Mokko was grea t . Mokko is the ultimate Bush Doctor, and healed our colds while we were in Jamaica.  From Mokko, we learned to find the real local stuff and nature which benefited the rest of our trip. We weren't afraid to take the route taxi or bus. We keep in touch with Mokko and will certainly see him again on our next trip."

-Marc and Line

Tomatoe and egg looking ackee on glass plate with fried dumplings
Ackee/Saltfish Breakfast


Double bed with flowered sheets in wood paneled room with a rasta flag on the wall
Clean and cozy

Wood and zinc two chamber structure
New Bathroom

Inside view of pedistil sink and toilet
Inside New Bathroom

zinc structure with pipe and showerhead
New Shower


Jamaican woman holding basket of laundry
Doret with laundry

Group hanging out in bamboo fenced yard
In the yard

Tie dyed dressed big white man with plate of rice and callayloo
Dave says, "Ooh-la-la"

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