A Letter From Mokko

by Ras Soloman Jackson (Mokko)

Come discover Jamaica and find something new about life. Why not come to the eastern end of Jamaica in the Parish of St. Thomas.

I am Ras Soloman Jackson (Mokko). I was born in St. Thomas on 22nd June, 1952. I grew up on Old Road and learned about roots from my father and another man in Sunning Hill. After leaving school, I went on a skill training program as a stone wall builder and worked at that for fifteen years.

Then I went to Portland Parish on the north side of Jamaica. That is where I became involved in tourism as a tour guide. I worked with people from different countries, taking them to places they wanted to know and go.

Now I started two cabins in Sunning Hill in St. Thomas, called Riverside Cool Cottages. I have guests from Canada, Italy and also U.S.A. in San Francisco, California and from Michigan.

We can stay at Riverside Cool Cottages and enjoy the farming town of Sunning Hill, or we can travel around beautiful Jamaica. Some places to go are:

The motto for my business is, “I like to see people happy and be free. Smile with the rising sun.”

Call: (Please no texts as they can not be received)
Ras Soloman Jackson (Mokko)
Phone # 1(876) 849-1543 (cell)

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Rast in red outfit

Leafy herbs hanging upside down on a bamboo fence
Herbs drying


Colorful cabins with a stuffed toy roadrunner hanging from tree in front
Roadrunner, our friend for many years

A brown and a white Jamaican dog curled together

Rasta standing by lush river
Mokko at Reach Falls

Road with blue mountains in background
A walk in the country

Rasta standing with two young twin Jamaican girls, three small puppies beside them
Mokko with girls and puppies

Where to Stay

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