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Reggae Falls

Reggae Falls is a good place to go see, but even better yet, it is a good place to go with a group for a cookout and a day of relaxation. There you can swim, explore your surroundings, sunbathe and climb to the top of the falls.

The falls was a hydro-electric plant, but storms "mash up" most of the machinery and the plant closed. Now the water cascades over the dam's concrete lip, making a deep swimming pool at the base.


Broken ironworks at top of fallsBroken up ironworks beside waterfall
Dam all mash up

Nearby is the town of Hillside where you can meet the people of the community there.

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Waterfall created by a man-made dam
Reggae Falls

Rainbow over waterfall

View of waterfall from top
From the top


Four Jamaican men net fishing in river
Untangling nets

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