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Hiking Cunha Cunha Pass Trail

Let Mokko and Harry be your guides on the five mile Cunha Cunha Pass trail which links the parishes of Portland at Bowden Pen and St. Thomas at Hayfield, Jamaica. This site represents some of the most intensive battles between the British Colonists and the Maroons.

Two rastas posing Two rastas walking
Mokko & Harry

On the trail visitors are exposed to the history of the Maroons as well as the fauna and flora of the Blue Mountains. A significant part of the trail and the nearby Corn Puss Gap trail are part of the Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park.


Large watermelon like fruit growing in a large tree Red flower with spikey petals
Jackfruit and Red flower

The Bowden Pen Farmers’ Association with funding from the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica has reopened this historic trail. This is part of the wider ecotourism project in the Rio Grande Valley.

Park sign

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Ray of sun breaks through thick fog with vegetation in sillouette
Hazy sillouette

Waterfall in distance, lush fields in foreground
Waterfall view

Rainbow in lush foilage

Waterfall that breaks into three streams
Three Finger Falls

Stream with lush green

Rasta with hands in stream
Mokko at stream

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