Feed De People Dem

A rainy day in Sunning Hill, Jamaica does not deter the townsfolk from participating in a community meal cooked on the banks of the local river.

Produced and organized by Strate and chefs Coke Dog and Moshi, they supply a sumptuous meal of rice and peas, brown stew chicken, juice and wine for all.

When the rain starts, a tarp materializes and is quickly lashed to the trees using vines and bamboo from the riverbank. A small piece of zinc covers the fire and all are filled with good spirits.

People in a group under a blue tarp.
Rainy Day Crowd

When the meal is ready everyone gets a share, many covered plates sent home to those not attending.

Finally the organizers scrub the dishes, clean up the area and feel satisfaction from the good will and great vibes they generated this day.

Jamaican man squatted down in the river scrubing pan.
Clean-up Time


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Brown cooked chicken in a pot.
Cooked Chicken


Jamaicans dishing up food with line of people eating in the background.
Dishing Up the Food

People standing and sitting on rocks, eating.
Everyone Eats

Smiling Jamaican with his head cocked. Chef Coke Dog

Very young Jamaican boy, walking away carrying very large sandles.
Child With Sandals

Rasta leading cow on a rope through a shallow river.
Time to Go Home

Where to Stay

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