Jamaica Rasta Ecotourism
Roots Rasta Family

Mokko's family lives adjacent to Riverside Cool Cottages. This is Jamaica ecotourism at its best!

Doret (the kid's mother) and the twins, Shawna and Shannell, ages 18, live in a house next to the cottages. They are happy to play with the guests, help with chores and show you their daily lives.

Everyone got birthday cheese cakes
Ben and The Girls share a birthday, so everyone got birthday cheese cakes!

You will see Mokko and Doret's four older sons coming and going about their business. They are Juna, Moshi (Everton), Fari (Neville) and Coppy (Ian).

The family can show you the river and the best swimming and fishing holes. They know the plants, birds, wildlife and roots culture. They can take you through their Jamaican community. You can visit a Jamaican Primary School or other areas of interest. We really enjoyed their company.


Who feels it, knows it.

  • Hike the area with Mokko or one of his sons as your guide
  • Swap Jamaican recipes with Doret and Mokko (both excellant cooks!)
  • Hang out with the twins, Shanna and Shannelle.
  • Swim in the river
  • Go with Fari as he climbs barefoot up the coconut tree to retrieve the fruit
  • Let Coppy treat you to the freshest of grape (grapefruit)

Young Jamaican man with palm fronds in background Coppy got birthday cheese cakesYoung Jamaican man in tree

  • Chill out in a hammock under the ackee, apple and mango trees, listen to reggae music on the radio
  • Experience the daily rhythms of country living

Doret has a condition called "elephantitis" resulting from lymphatic filariasis or "worm in the leg". The question came up about danger to travelers and you can read the Center for Disease Control's recommendations here. In brief, it is a worry only with prolonged stays in the endemic areas. It is easily killed with simple antibiotics.

Call: (Please no texts as they can not be received)
Ras Soloman Jackson (Mokko)
Phone # 1(876) 849-1543 (cell)

Call Jamaica Inexpensively:
International Calling Cards from 0.5¢ per Minute



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Rasta in orange tam, sunglasses and camoflage outfit, smiling, Jamaican ecotourism
Mokko "Smiling with the Rising Sun"

Jamaican family posing
The whole family, but where is Coppy?

Jamaican woman in blue baseball hat and plaid shirt, smiling, Doret got birthday cheese cakes

Jamaican twin girls squating, bandanas on heads, listening to reggae music
Shannell and Shawna-Youngest kids

Young Jamaican with bright red poinsettas behind him, big smile
Coppy-Youngest son

Young Jamaican man, head tilted and finger raised, making a point
Fari-Third son

Young Jamaican man looks directly at the camera, friendly smile, baseball hat, swap Jamaican recipes
Moshi-Second son and a most excellant cook!

Young Jamaican man with finger on chin, looking contemplative, Juna got birthday cheese cakes
Juna-First son

Back view of white grey haired woman holding hands with young Jamaican twin girls, thinking of birthday cheese cakes
Dianne and the girls

White woman with long grey haired which is being brushed by young Jamaican twin girls
Girls brushing hair

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