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Ital Cooking

Let Mokko be your Jamaican culinary guide, learn Ital (natural) cooking. The food is vegetarian with sometimes fish, chicken and beef if you choose.


Watch YouTube Ital Cooking Video


Mokko cooks with a chili pepper called scotch bonnet, only as much as you want! Mokko will share his recipes.

Watch Chef John Bull's Reggae Kitchen Show for more Jamaican Cooking ideas (he uses a modern kitchen!) Very fun!!!

Close up of yellow fruits with open bottoms and black seeds showing, growing on a tree

  • Breakfast with natural juice in season-mango, passion fruit, pine, ginup, sour sap, ripe banana, guava, papaya, star apple, lime, lemonade, orange and apple.

  • Enjoy Jamaica’s national dish, ackee and saltfish with fried dumplings for breakfast.

  • Blue Mountain coffee grows in the yard.

  • Learn the Rasta recipes, hot pepper soup (really spicy), gunga pea stew, rice and peas.

  • Cook over natural wood.

Outdoor kitchen with large wire spool for table, 55 gal drum with three rocks for stove for cooking foodGirl looking at the camera with dad poring condensed milk in the background

  • Cook and wrap food in banana leaf.

  • Bake pudding and coconut cake.

  • Prepare foods with green coconut and dry coconut, tomato and thyme, scallion, scotch bonnet pepper and garlic.

  • Drink the best roots tonic. It build you. It clean you.

Propane stove on a table counter.55 gallon drum with three stones on top with fire and pot on top.
Mokko's new kitchen and where he really cooks

Call: (Please no texts as they can not be received)
Ras Soloman Jackson (Mokko)
Phone # 1(876) 849-1543 (cell)

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Mokko Shares his Delightful Culinary Recipes

Making Ackee-Saltfish

Young Jamaican girl poring water from a bowl onto a rasta's hands
Washing hands

Young jamaican man in tree
Coppy picking ackee

Close up of hands taking fruit from an ackee shell.
Peeling ackee

Piecs of pumpkin and white yam and scallions atop a red plastic bucket lid.  what is a chili pepper

Rasta Mokko, your Jamaican guide  holding a fork which pierces two fried dumplings
Fried Dumplings


Plate with tomatoe covered dish in summer, two fried dumplings on side, recipe for authentic ital
Ackee/saltfish & dumplings

Calabash bowl with yellow chunks of ackee inside, recipe for authentic ital
Ackee dumplings in natural calabash bowl

Three metal pots filled with colorful food, recipe for authentic ital
Umm, dinner

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The Rasta Cookbook is the perfect collection of authentic vegetarian recipes from Jamaica for anyone to enjoy. The introduction describes some aspects of the Rastafari movement, including the importance of Ital foods.