Jamaican Fritters:
Ital Recipe

by Ras Soloman Jackson, Mokko

  • Place some flour in bowl, beat it up with wata
  • add tomato, chop fine
  • add baking powder
  • add saltfish (boil saltfish, cool with cold wata, separate and take out bones, drain)

Plastic bag with dried fish in it, package says, So so saltfish
Packaged Saltfish

  • scallion
  • thyme
  • mix it up

Put oil in pot, make it hot, spoon batter into oil and cook until golden brown.


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Rasta standing in bamboo enclosed area with large wire reel table and 55 gallon drum as cook stove.
Mokko's Kitchen

55 gallon drum with three stones on top with fire and pot on top.

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Jamaica has been a melting pot of many cultural influences including the Africans, Spanish, English, Indians, Asians and Arawaks (native inhabitants pre-Columbus). Out of a diverse mix of foods, spices, and cultures has come this wonderful array of tempting dishes as lively as the people of Jamaica themselves.

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