Rasta Camp in

The incomparable and multitalented Rasta Bredda Lion now has lodging at his property near the entrance to Reach Falls. He is offering camping along the stream and is building structures to enhance the relaxed atmosphere. Meals are available and of course the cooking is Ital.

Rasta cooking Hand hewn Jamaican house
Bredda Lion Cooking/ A Cabin is Available

This rewarding experience will be long remembered, living shoulder to shoulder with the local Jamaican artists who so recently made their living plying their trades at Reach Falls.

Rasta Renny holding neighbor's baby Yellow bearded smiling rasta
Renny lives here/So does Jah Priest

As Reach Falls is now becoming a gated, expensive, government run attraction, your support of those who previously depended on the tourism to these Falls will be greatly appreciated and also very needed.

Abandon jeep with writing on windsheild saying Government One Love
Government-One Love

To find Reach Falls Rivercamp follow the large signs towards Reach Falls off of the A4 just South of Manchioneal. Follow the road inland (and up) thru twisting hairpin curves, past farms of coconut, plantain, bamboo and timber trees alive with squawking parrots. After about one mile, the road veers left to the falls. Just past this point you will cross a sturdy cement bridge over a stream. The camp is on the right. A small octagonal tuc shop marks the location.

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Rasta at Reach Falls River camp holding neighbor's baby
Bredda Lion holding a baby

Pile of lumber
Building materials

Rasta opening coconut
Preparing ital coconut water

Hand hewn canoe made from large log
Bredda Lion's hand hewn canoe!

Jamaican woman with bucket of laundry on her head
Laundry day

Jamaican man hanging from rope in coconut tree
Picking jelly coconuts

Road with lush foliage overhanging
Foliage lined road to River Camp

Colorfully painted octonial building storefront
Tuc shop by Reach Falls River Camp

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