Jamaica Sensual Seduction

Jamaica is a seductive island. She opens you up and fills your senses with experience. Travel to the east side of the island and see the "Real Jamaica."

See every shade of blue and green in the waters of a beautiful Jamaica beach. See grand vistas, waterfalls and every color in plant and flower. See houses painted in brilliant shades that are the joy of the Caribbean.

Smell the sea breezes mixed with pungent diesel. Smell drying fish, lush vegetation and fragrant fruit and flowers.

Listen to the musical lilt of the language, the rhythmic sounds of the waves, the competitive crowing of roosters in the morning (and sometimes all night), the smack of the dominos and roar of victory or groan of defeat. Hear the ear splitting volume of the local dance halls and bars. Learn to wine (you have to find this one out yourself).

Feel the sun, the cool water on your feet, balmy breezes from the ocean or cool winds from the mountains. Feel the burn in your legs after a good hike, the heat of the mineral springs at Bath Fountain.

Taste the spice of jerk, the bite of scotch bonnet pepper in your soup, the sweet sour of a fresh fruit drink or the smooth satisfaction of a cold (or warm) Dragon Stout. And the rum, definitely taste the rum.

The beer is warm, the showers cold (but refreshing), the water is safe to drink.

The people struggle. Life can be tenuous. But from the struggle comes a strength and raw graciousness that is enticing. This is Jamaica.

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Jamaican boys playing on lava outcrop in the bay.
Boys on rock at Zion Country

visual sensory seduction on long bay beach
Long Bay Beach

Overlooking cityscape and blue ocean in background
Overlooking Port Antonio


Cuss cuss no bore hole ah me kin name will never hurt me.
Jamaican saying


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