Old Jamaican skiff, logo in left corner with three folk figures holding hands in center, outer ring of text reads Worlds Together Travel Network in color

Jamaica Map

Key to Jamaica Map

Red circles-Places to Go
Gold circles- Places to Stay

  1. Mokko, Roots Rasta Yard at Riverside Cool Cottages in Sunning Hill
  2. Bath Hotel and Spa in Bath
  3. Zion Country Eco Beach Cottages on Long Road
  4. Blue Heaven Seaside Cottages, Long Bay Beach
  5. Great Huts Hostel, Boston Bay Beach
  6. Ivanhoe's Guesthouse, Port Antonio
  7. Jah B's Guesthouse in the Blue Mountains
  8. River Lodge in Robin's Bay
  9. Reach Falls River Camp at Reach Falls

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Jamaica Map

Over looking bay
Manchioneal Bay as viewed from Zion Country in Long Road

Rasta in vining tree looking for Jamaica map
Mokko in Rasta Tree


Harvesting coconuts
Picking coconuts at Reach Falls River Camp

private jamaican beach
Beach at Blue Heaven Guesthouse at Long Bay Beach

Where to Stay