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All Things Jamaican

  • Jamaica News Bulletin.com - A Jamaican portal for Jamaican and International news, sports and entertainment. Our web site features information on health, technology, business and fashion as well as free classifieds and a business directory.
  • Jamaicans.com This site is rich with information on culture, recipes, patois, music, forums, travel information. It is all things Jamaican.
  • Jamaica Travel & Culture - Find out more about the main cities, beaches, resorts and retreats in Jamaica. Explore the best bars, restaurants, activities and places of interest in each destination.
  • Everything in Jamaica.com - The web site where you can find all that you seek about Jamaica
  • Jamaica Medical/Health Information Services - Purpose is to help create more informed citizens who will be actively involved in their healthcare.
  • A Dutch View on Jamaica: A comprehensive and relaxed look at the island of Jamaica, its people, its towns and parishes. An interactive guide and community for all who love this island in the sun!
  • Gathering of the Healers Rasta Heart book highlighted the Portland area and many of the folks you have met in these pages.

Reggae Music


  • Yardie-Reggae.com - and much, much more. This site offers an extensive classic reggae review and information about Rastafarian and Jamaican culture.

Area Information

Other Guesthouses

Patois Language

  • Patois Dictionary free for your use. Many words and phrases that it is very useful to know when you go!

Food and Wildlife

  • Manatee Information information about the West Indian Manatee.
  • Reggae Kitchen Show with John Bull. Yah Mon, these recipes are authentic and the show is fun! And he cooks in a modern kitchen and you do not need to figure out how to cook over a natural wood fire!
  • Ital Food Description and Recipes nice Ital recipes, somewhat difficult to read on a black background with green font, but they are authentic and simple-Ital!
  • Story about Bammy Story about the fall and rise of Bammy, traditional Jamaican cassava bread.

Jamaican History

Jamaican Books

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Elderly Jamaican woman holding round black balls on a plate for display, bamboo fence and young man looking on in the background
Making Chocolate in Jamaica

Hand hewn canoe at Reach Falls River Camp

River flowing amounst moss cover rocks.
Upstream at Reach Falls


Ram Scram in Port Antonio

Colorful fishing skiffs with powerful stormy sky
Boats in Manchioneal

White rasta man and women with tams pose smoking cigars and looking tough.
Bonnie and Clyde (Ben and Anne) on the Blue Mountain

Ton So at Lysson's Beach


Jamaican man holding up a cows foot
Morant Bay Market

Girl sitting on a bench reading under a leaf-less tree on the beach reading Bob Marley History
Sarah under the Almond Tree at Zion Country

Where to Stay