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Q: Our friend stayed at Mokko's cottages & loved it.  We're wondering if it is a safe place to stay?

A: All of the travel host companies are safe. Mokko's place is safe.  It is safe because the whole community watches out for you.  You go in as his guest and enjoy the privilege of his protection. 

The folks of Sunning Hill have had little contact with travelers and they are not the sophisticated hagglers that you will meet near the all inclusives.  They are interested in community development through tourism and encourage each other to treat folks right to this end. Still, carry you money discretely and use common sense and caution in your travels, lock your doors when you leave your room.


Q: This is our first time outside our country and we would like to stay in several different kinds of places. How would your recommend we arrange our travels to do this?

A: If this is your first third world travel experience, it can be quite shocking.  Now some folks like to ease into things and some like to jump right in the middle of the experience. 

If you go local first and travel local ways, you develop skills and more comfort with the culture that could help you on the rest of your more privileged journey, but you may suffer some shock when you start out in the middle of Jamaican culture.  Ya mon!  Our friend, Jim sorted out his reactions to this in the note, Apology for Culture Shock.

If you would like better to ease into the culture, you can stay at a more Euro- guesthouse and wonder out into the community with senses wide open, get used to the place before you jump into the middle of the country.  This helps your ear attune to the language and gives you access to the most beautiful parts of the island.


It is nice to get a variety of experiences when you are traveling with several types of travel host companies.

Q: Should I contact myself directly the person there in Jamaica and set up the things with him or her or is it going through you?

A: To travel to any of the places listed, you contact the folks yourself and make your arrangements. We have enjoyed our stay and been well served by the folks at each of the guesthouses listed and guides recommended.  We know they will take good care of others so we highlight them on our website to help them advertise their business on the internet, but they run their own services.

Q: We are just starting out with our arrangements. Do you have any suggestions for airlines and other travel related services?

A: We have put together some of our favorite services in planning and traveling and they are all located in Travel Resources

If you do not have a passport, get one now. You need it to travel and it can take quite a while to get one in the States.

Q: What about the usual cost of such traveling?

A: Costs depend a lot on where you go, how you choose to get around, what you want to do while you are there, how many crafts and drinks you want to buy, how you get back and forth from the airport, how many people you are traveling with.

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Rasta standing under a vine ladden tree, looking upward
Mokko under the Rasta Tree

Q: I've been checking your website for a while and would really be interested in traveling to Jamaica. I like this kind of tourism which to me, is more respectful to the people and much more interesting and instructive for me.

A: Good to hear from you and I sure agree that getting to know the culture of an area and people is 90% of the enjoyment for me too. Hopefully, some of these questions and answers will be helpful to you in your travels!


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