Jah Priest
has Trod on to the Ancestors


With a constant calmness I always wonder was there anything that bothers you

You were such a lover of life yet you never fear death

You believe in a system that put people first

You believe in nature’s way of doing things

You leave a mark on any person, who crosses your path,

A mark that signal a presence of someone true and real

I often thought you had some connection with the other side (the ancestors)

I remember the last time I saw you, I asked “is everything ok”

Your response was “man a trod on” I didn’t get the meaning then

But now I realize you were closing the journey in this life

And while I am trying to keep my emotions inside

Grand dad I now realize you were the physical presence of the most high in my life

I now say to you, go dance with the ancestors, play them a song on the Rumba, shake the shaker, and then when they have had enough give them a serving of their favorite food in your calabash.

Forever loved

Forever missed

I know you have soul and that soul will continue to watch over my life ….and your words will definitely continue to shape my life….I LOVE YOU GRAND DAD….



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Jah Priest has trod on to the ancestors. We visited Jah Priest each time we traveled to Jamaica.  We felt his humble but powerful presence and its effect on the gentle and caring Reach Falls community. 

Jah Priest lived on the beautiful road to Reach Falls. He was a skilled drummer and presided at many drumming circles and workshops. He carved wood and calabash into wonderous objects. He shared his carving skills with his family and they continue to offer visitors the fruits of these skills.

As Jah Priest plyed his humble trade he quietly shared his wisdom with those he met. One time he told us, "I am like Rumpelstilskin but I spin the calabash and woods of the forest into gold. My belly is demanding so I must use what Jah provides to fill it and to feed my family."

Jah Priest touched the lives of the Reach Falls community and many visitors to Jamaica. His passing will leave a gap that is felt throughout the world.

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Jah Priest is featured in the book Rasta Heart. In this way his wisdom will pass to future generations.