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Bredda Lion

Near Reach Falls resides a talented Rasta named Bredda Lion. A hardworking farmer, coal maker, slipper seller and a very special entertainer. His upbeat vibe, energy, humor and knowledge of the environment are nice nice.

As he says on his video “I’m like the vibes mon, you know when ever time you come around me, then you can't sad, your belly have to have been full because you have to laugh”


Watch video Bredda Lion Sings.

Bredda Lion runs Reach Falls Rivercamp where you can stay. You can camp in your own tent to rent his house. He will cook and sing for you!


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Bearded rasta
Bredda Lion

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Wood slat house surrounded by foilage
Bredda Lion's House

Rasta talking with white woman near Reach Falls, Jamaica

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