Jah B's Guesthouse in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica
Getting There

Jah B's Guesthouse is located above Hagley Gap. You must take a Land rover from the town of Cedar Valley. You ride on a two track, where the road goes over the top edge of a waterfall on its way up the mountain.

Road covered by water with large flat boulders sticking outWater rushing over the road
River over Road

Land Rovers are a must and there are places where even Land Rovers can not go. So walk past this area and pick up a ride on the other side.

Jamaican man walking beside broken road which is lying at a 45 degree angleColorful house nestled into the mountain with laundry drying on a line in front
Broken Roads

Arrangements for travel can be made through Mokko at Roots Rasta or Free-I at Zion Country.

Blue mountain view with tree branch sillouette in foreground

Phone #: 1(876) 377-5206 (cell)

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Mountain scene with cabin in front
Mountain scene with cabin in front

View of trees in a valley
Mountain valley

Tree covered mountain overview
It is beautiful

White rasta bending down to pick
Picking thyme

Blue Mountain peak
Blue Mountain peak

Where to Stay