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Jah B's Guesthouse
Blue Mountains Jamaica

Stay at Jah B's Guesthouse in the Blue Mountains of Jamaica.

Sign saying Peeking through branches to the blue colored mountains

Alex now runs the guesthouse in the Blue Mountains that his parents, Jah B and Miss D began. He will take you on a safe hiking trip and cook wonderful breakfasts and dinners for you.


Natural wood kitchen with checkerboard wooden counterClean, made lower bunkbed, rest up for your hiking trip

The family are Bobo Rastas. The wrap their hair in cloth called Bobos. They farm organic coffee and will show you how it is grown and processed. They roast Blue Mountain coffee beans over an open fire and a prepare delicious brew in the wee hours to get ready for your invigorating hiking trip to the Blue Mountain peak.

Red, ripe, shade grwon coffee beans nestled in shiny leaves, organic coffeePicnic table under a zinc roofed shelter

Jah B's Guesthouse sits near the trailhead to the hiking trails to Blue Mountain Peak. It is located just up the mountain from Hagley Gap.

CONTACT: Email Alex at:
Phone #: 1(876) 377-5206 (cell)

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This book is designed for use by naturalists and hikers interested in knowing the names of plants they may pass on forest walks in the Blue Mountains above 1,070 metres.

Smiling Bobo Rasta with dark blue wrap on hair.
Alex doing hair


Mother, father and son bobo rasta posing
Miss D, Jah B and Alex

Bobo rasta smiling coffee farmer
Jah B

Bobo Rasta with hair wrapped in dark cloth poses with our daughters, he will go hiking and make you coffee
Alex with girls


Looking in valley with cloudy sky and dramatic green mountainside where they grow organic coffee

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