My name is Dr. Jolie Bookspan. I hope this will be a fun column for you. Periodically, I will cover how you can prevent and treat common aches pains and injuries of travelling, and how to get in shape and be healthy - all at the same time.

My work is as a scientific researcher in human physiology. I study how the body works in normal conditions, and how it works in extremes of being hot or cold, being in space, on a mountaintop, or underwater, during exercise, when injured, and other conditions.

I specialize in finding out why many of the common ways of getting in shape and treating injuries do not work, and what to do instead. I teach the results to my many hundreds of patients and students every year so I get to see the results in action.

I found that many of the commonest aches and injuries are not mysterious or difficult to fix. You don't need to "live with pain."

Dr. Jolie Bookspan

Director, Neck and Back Pain Sports Medicine

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"Science is a wonderful thing, if one does not have to earn one's living from it."

- Albert Einstein

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