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Sinai and the Red Sea
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By Beth Hart

Basata, an ecovillage run by Sherif El-Ghamrawy and his wife Maria.

Basata is always booked on Egyptian holidays, so call ahead. But you can come anytime if you have your own tent.

“Basata” means simplicity in Arabic, and this place lives up to its name. The camp/ecovillage is right on the beach with two mountains on either side, so there are no other distractions. You can stay in mud brick bungalows, huts, or in your own tent. There is a main hut complex with kitchen facilities and a lounge area.

Basata is one of the most environmentally conscientious places in Egypt. They actually started a recycling program, the only (official) one in Egypt. All of the buildings and huts were made from locally available materials, such as mud, reeds, and stone.

For more details about basata see (currently under construction) or

Contact info:
Tel: (002)-069-3500-480
or (002)-069-350-0481.

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Small buildings on sandy foreground with small bare hills in background

Woman with black robe and headcover, face covered by colorful scarf.
Bedouin Vendor

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Beach near Basata

Sunset in the Sinai

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