Cultural Travel Mission

Cultural Travel Mission

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Worlds Together Travel Network is a web service whose mission is to provide access to safe, affordable cultural travel opportunities to travelers (and virtual travelers) who desire a cultural immersion experience in an eco-friendly way.

Green lily pads floating in deep blue water, with white flowers.Closeup of a spotted flower with drooping petels in orange.  Photos promote ethical travel.

Lily pond, Rio Dulce, Guatemala/Orchid, Lancaster Gardens, Cartago, Costa Rica

Cultural travel provides sustainable living for your international hosts and their communities and promotes free trade. The time spent provides the opportunity for all to share their cultures and promotes understanding and friendships.

Ultimately, cultural travel grows an ethical and sustainable worldview. 

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Small fishing skiff in turquois waters, sustainable fishing, techniques which promote sustainable living
Fisherman in Dominican Republic

Sillouetted palm trees with colorful sunset behind. Photos are eco-friendly.
Tropical silhouette, Tobacco Caye, Belize
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