Mopan Mayan man splitting palm fronds to make thatch roof in Belize

Belize Mopan Mayan Village Cabanas

Welcome! by German Sho

Now is the time to experience the Mopan Mayan way of life. Our Mayan village lets travellers begin to enjoy the hands-on experience of the Mayan cultures and visit the natural attractions in Na Luum Ca, Belize. Our people are friendly but shy, as travellers is a new industry for us. Each village has it's own unique attractions near, including caves, waterfalls and Mayan ruins.


My name is German Sho. I was born in San Antonio, Mayan Village, Belize. I am 23 years old. My father’s name is Antonio Sho and my mother name is Eugenia Paquiul Sho. I have eight brothers and two sisters. I now reside in Na Luum Ca meaning (Mother Earth Village) a small Mayan Village approximately 30 miles away from the coastal town Punta Gorda Town. There are 14 Mayan families in Na  Luum Ca.

The Mayan families that are living in Na Luum Ca are tightly knitted together, living a peaceful and harmonious life. We help each other any we can, for example the whole village would help our neighbors to build their house.

Our father taught us to respect each and every living thing on this planet earth at an early age. This helps us to be good citizens.

All food is organically grown on our milpa style farm. Everything is fresh to the pot. We make our own hand ground tortillas and harvest our own locally grown poultry. The food is prepared on large wood burning stoves made by my family. Herbs to season the pot are freshly picked from the family garden.

There is no television at Na Luum Ca. There is not enough time for news nor gossip, no freeways nor skyscrapers, no smog, just you and mother nature. Perhaps you can touch a star or fall in love. After staying in our Mayan Village, I know you will not go home the same person, you will look at life with more appreciation.

You may contact German Sho at:
Quich Pan Luum
Na Luum Ca, Punta Gorda, Toledo
Belize, Central America

Telephone 501-664-9419
International Calling Cards from 0.5¢ per Minute


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Mopan Mayan man, smiling
German Sho, host of Mopan Mayan Village Cabanas

Mayan grandmother and daughter cooking tortillas with white bearded man hamming it up in the background
Cooking tortillas


Mopan Mayan man splitting palm fronds to make thatch roof in Belize
Making thatch for roofing

Long thatched roof house
Father's house

Precise log structure to thatched room seen from the inside
Roof interior


Young Mayan woman grinding corn with a hand grinder
Grinding corn

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