View of Belize caye surrounded by multi blue ocean with palms and two buildings on it

Belize Travel:
Cultural Diversity and Ecotourism

Travel to Belize, featuring cultural diversity and friendlyness. Belize has been aware of its natural treasures and has been preserving its resources through ecotoursim for many years. Explore these secret gems.

Mopan Mayan Village Cabana named Quichpan Luum (Beautiful Earth) is ecotourism at its finest. Experience the Mayan language while visiting with a Mayan family, the original people of Belize. Tour Mayan ruins, learn medicinal herbs, skills, culture, traditions.

Jungle Huts Tours and Adventure Lodge is located in Dangriga on the coast. You can explore the reef and cayes. Off shore lies Tobacco Caye and Glover's Reef. Whale sharks migrate through the area. Dangriga is the "cultural capital" of Belize and Garifuna celebrations are abundant. Garifuna Culture is well represented in the area because folks of the Black Carib culture were compelled to settle in the District. Garifuna Settlement Day (November 19th) is a big celebration in the area.

Sea turtle swimming towards the camera

Belize is an English speaking country with great cultural diversity on the Caribbean side of Central America. It has the second largest barrier reef in the world and with three coral atolls. Belize barrier reef is now a World Heritage Site with seven marine reserves to replenish the reef system. It has tropical rainforests and is rich in Mayan culture and history. Though English is the official language with English Creole very common, Garifuna and Mayan are the first language of some people in this district.


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Multi colored sunset shows palms in sillouette, romantic beach vacation
Sunrise on Tobacco Caye. Buy products with this image at Worlds Together Store.

Two Mayan women guide you in making tortillas on an earthen oven
Making tortillas at Mayan Village, where you can stay!


Ecotourism lodging with lush tropical folage in front of  thatched hut
Cabana at Jungle Huts in Dangriga

Sailboats in harbor
Marina in Belize City

Rasta sitting on rock carving a walking stick
Ras Benjamin in Barranco, Garifuna Village - Soon Come

Full moon over water with a skiff in the foreground
Full Moon on the Caribbean

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